COVID-19 Response

Field Station: Dinosaurs Covid-19 Plan

Field Station: Dinosaurs urges guests to follow sensible actions when making plans to attend the park. We will encourage Guests to stay at home if anyone in the family feels ill or is at high risk for exposure. Changes have been put in place to create a safer environment for everyone.

General Protocols

  • For the safety of our guests, anyone who is displaying any sign of a cold or flu will not be admitted to enter Field Station: Dinosaurs. Per CDC recommendations, guests should stay home with any of these symptoms.
  • Face Coverings: Guests age two and above will be required to provide their own face coverings that will cover their nose and mouth while on park property. Guests who are unable to wear masks, or who have a medical condition that would produce a consistently elevated temperature are asked to present a medical note advising that the face covering requirement be waived. The guest’s health condition does not have to be stated in the doctor’s note. Guests with a temperature will not permitted to enter the park. Field Station Staff will also be wearing face coverings.
  • Guests who leave the park will not be permitted to re-enter.

Screening Protocols

  • All guests will be required to have temperature scans prior to admission to the park. Any guest with an elevated temperature will be sent home. Guests with an elevated temperature will not be admitted to enter the park. All Field Station: Dinosaurs staff will also have temperature scans.

Ticketing Protocols

  • Touchless Ticketing System – All tickets must be purchased in advance on the Field Station: Dinosaurs website. Guests without tickets will be instructed to purchase tickets on their smart device before entering the park. To learn more about your tickets and planning your visit, click here
  • All tickets will be scanned at the box office without contact to Field Station: Dinosaurs staff. Scanners will be behind plexiglass partitions and Field Station: Dinosaurs staff will wear masks and gloves.
  • Strollers and wheelchairs will not be available for rent.

Activities and Performance Space Protocols

  • All shows, games and activities will only be presented in open air performance spaces throughout the park and seating area will be marked to ensure social distancing and capacity will be reduced.
  • Dinosaur Trails – Signage will be posted encouraging guests to avoid touching the ropes that line the dinosaur trails. Posts will be marked at 6-foot intervals and will be marked as one-way only.
  • Paleontologists’ Laboratory – The Laboratory will be doubled in size to maintain social distancing. Guests will be provided with all supplies which will be sanitized after each use by Field Station staff. Staff will be wearing masks, gloves and goggles. Tables will be sanitized after each use by Field Station staff. Tickets for the Paleontologists’ Laboratory are only available for purchase at the Laboratory inside the park. They are not available on the website.
  • Commander’s Club – One Field Station: Dinosaur Season Pass family will be permitted inside the Commander’s Club at a time and limited to thirty minutes. Couches and doorknobs will be sanitized after each use by Field Station staff. Self-serve water coolers and children’s activity books will not be available. The capacity of the Commander’s Club will be reduced to 6 guests.
  • Raptor Trap – Signage will be posted for the entrance and exit of the maze. Guests will be encouraged to stay 6 feet away from other groups and to avoid touching surfaces. Maze walls will be shortened to allow guests to better gauge social distancing.
  • Dig Site – Signs will be posted to maintain social distancing and all tools will be cleaned and sanitized after each use by Field Station staff. Field Station staff will be posted at the Dig Site all day to maintain safety, hygiene, and social distancing protocols. The Dig Site capacity will be reduced from 60 to 12 guests with a 20 minute use limit per guest. 
  • All Performers and Expedition Guides will wash their hands after every show, game or activity performed.

Social Distancing Protocols

  • Six-foot social distancing will be promoted throughout the park by signage and enforced by Field Station staff.
  • Line Management – Field Station: Dinosaurs will promote social distancing in all lines (entry to park, the box office, bathroom, photo areas, concessions areas, performance areas, stamping and the gift shop). A large area will be created for patrons waiting to have tickets scanned. This outdoor area will be large enough to accommodate Field Station: Dinosaurs lines while maintaining social distancing. Field Station staff will monitor lines to enforce social distancing and markers placed to distinguish 6 foot spacing.
  • Entrance and exit paths will not cross. Directional signs will be posted throughout the park to enforce entrance and exits.
  • There will be hand sanitizing stations throughout the park.

Promote Guest Separation in Seating Areas

  • Benches will be separated throughout the park and sanitized and disinfected hourly by Field Station Maintenance staff.
  • The picnic area will be reconfigured to encourage plenty of distance between each table.
  • Performance spaces and seating areas will be reconfigured to encourage plenty of distance between each seat.

Concessions/Dining Area Protocols

  • Following industry and CDC guidelines, all food service items, such as napkins, condiments, food trays, miscellaneous supplies will be accepted into the park, quarantined, disinfected and secured prior to use.
  • Field Station Dinosaurs staff will be trained to continuously monitor and disinfect dining areas.
  • Self-serve condiments, napkins and utensils will be prohibited and served upon request only.
  • Picnic tables will be spaced to ensure social distancing and will be cleaned and sanitized after each use by Field Station staff.
  • Line Management/Social Distancing – Field Station: Dinosaurs will create a large area for patrons waiting to order/pay for hot food items and a separate area will available to purchase beverages.
  • Field Staff Dinosaurs staff will be posted at the picnic area all day to clean and disinfect tables after each use.


  • All contact surfaces in every bathroom will be cleaned and disinfected every hour. Signs will be posted reminding guests to wash hands for at least 20 seconds.
  • Restrooms will be on a sanitation schedule, so they will be closed at specific times of the day for a full cleaning. Staff will clean and sterilize surfaces every half hour or after each use.

Sanitization and Disinfection Protocols
We have significantly increased efforts to sanitize and disinfect all touch points, such as chairs, benches, tables, trash receptacles, doors, dig site tools, bathrooms, goggles using EPA Approved cleaning solutions and pre-cleaning and disinfecting guidelines. Sanitizing stations will be throughout the park.

COVID-19 Response for the Field Station: Dinosaurs Retail Store

Wild Tribe Productions is the official retail vendor for Field Station Dinosaurs, Leonia, NJ. Please see bulleted items below for requirements necessary to operate our retail shop inside Field Station: Dinosaurs under COVID-19 regulations.

  • All guests age two and above, and staff will be required to have a face covering on at all times.
  • Directional and distance signage will be added to ensure social distancing flow
  • Staff will have disinfectant spray bottles at arm’s reach at all times. Counters, items and touched areas will be sanitized as much as possible and at least every hour.
  • There will be additional shopping space outside the shop to alleviate crowds inside the shop.
  • Shop will be monitored to have only at-capacity required – visitors can wait outside or continue their shopping experience outside in the additional shopping area. A staff member will monitor lines and enforce proper social distancing.
  • Inside Point of Sale register will have plexiglass and disinfected signature pens. One container marked “used pens” and another container “sanitized pens”. The staff will spray and disinfect accordingly.


  • Photographer will have required face covering and disinfectant spray bottle within arm’s reach at all times. All guests above age of two will have mask on
  • Photo lines will be marked to ensure social distancing
  • Photos will be pre-printed and displayed outside.

Field Station: Dinosaurs aims to continue to provide quality entertainment in a safe environment.






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Summer Season (August 15 - September 7)

Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 10am to 6pm
Thursday through Saturday from 10am to 8pm
Closed Mondays EXCEPT Labor Day (September 7) 10am to 6pm

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Saturdays and Sundays only from 10am to 5pm
Also open Thursday, November 12 and Friday, November 13

Dinosaurs After Dark (September 25 - October 31)
Friday and Saturday evenings from 6:45pm to 9:30pm.


Open Labor Day (September 7) 10am to 6pm, Yom Kippur ( September 28) and Columbus Day (October 12) 10am to 5pm

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